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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
April 25, 2015

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Welcome to Economics at Laurier

We are the department of Economics in the faculty of the School and Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University.† The department consists of†28†full-time faculty members in a variety of fields.

Economics is a social science, one of several disciplines that study people and society. A knowledge of economics is essential to the understanding of many key issues and challenges we face such as environmental protection, the impact of globalization, the effects of technological change on incomes and jobs, and health care reform. Economics provides students with a framework to explore such issues logically and creatively, using a blend of theory and application. The study of economics develops problem-solving ability and analytical and quantitative skills which employers value highly. A degree in economics is a gateway to a range of careers in the private and public sectors.

Laurier economics graduates have won admission to top graduate schools in North America and Europe. Others enjoy very successful careers with major corporations and financial institutions, as well as organizations in the public sector.

Our Mission

Laurier's Department of Economics is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research within a smaller-sized university with a strong sense of community. The Department offers undergraduate programs leading to an Honours†Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Economics or Applied Economics, as well as Master of Arts (MA) program in Business Economics. Both the undergraduate Honours Economics program and the Master's in Business Economics program offer a Co-operative Education option. Our location within a School of Business and Economics enables us to offer interdisciplinary programs which combine a traditional education in economics with the acquisition of skills in accounting, or administration, or financial management.

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Economics Professor David Johnson and LCERPA researcher Kirill Savine's report indicates teachers earn above middle class salaries
(Headline - Apr 24)
Economics alumni Joshua Smee (Hon. App. Econ and Political Science, í09) makes prestigious shortlist for SSHRC Storytellerís Challenge 2015.
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570 News talks with Economics professor Tammy Schirle about the gender pay gap
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Laurier researcher develops fair wage calculator to address gender pay gap Laurier researcher develops fair wage calculator to address gender pay gap
(News Release - Apr 13)
Laurier Economics professor William Morrison comments on Canadian air transportation security
(News - Apr 09)
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Economics Council May meeting
(May 8)
SBE Council June meeting
(Jun 5)
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Key Department Contacts

Chair, Department of Economics
Dr. Steffen Ziss ext. 2776 P3084

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Ken Jackson ext. 2316†P3080

Graduate Program Director (MABE)
Dr. Maria Gallego ext. 2635†P3100

MABE Program Assistant & General Student Inquiries
Helen Kaluzny ext. 2720 P3082

Administrative Inquiries
Jennifer Dilella ext. 2056 P3088†


People at Laurier

Dr. Wing Hong Chan, Economics Wing Chan joined the faculty of Wilfrid Laurier University in 2002 after graduating from the University of Alberta. Dr. Chanís research spans both economic and finance areas, such as the interplay of inflation and housing markets, or bubbles and speculation in financial markets. His recent work lies in three main areas. The first links growth to manipulation in financial and housing markets. The second centers on the development of jump models for applications in empirical finance such as asset pricing, hedging, and option trading. The third is that of forecasting inflation using Bayesian approach.

Dr. Wing Hong Chan
Associate Professor,