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May 28, 2015

Canadian Excellence

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Laurier offers degrees with emphasis in the traditional divisions of chemistry: Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, as well as Biochemistry and Materials Chemistry.

The Department is located in the Laurier Science Building which opened in January 1995. This facility allows us to provide our students with state-of-the-art labs in which to do their training. In addition, we have a range of new equipment, instruments and computational software, all of which are used by our undergraduate students.

At Laurier we take pride in our tradition of being concerned with the teaching function of the University. Classes and labs here tend to be considerably smaller than those at other universities, allowing for a greater degree of interaction between students and professors. Many of our graduates have commented favourably on the academic benefits of this environment and we invite you to consider how significant it might be in your university studies.

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Dr. Horsman published in the Journal of Antibiotics
(Headline - May 26)
Chem & Biochem Undergraduate wins 2015 Laurier Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence
(Headline - May 13)
New Review Article from Dr. H. Al-Abadleh Published New Review Article from Dr. H. Al-Abadleh Published
(Headline - May 11)
Ken Maly named Laurier's Newest Teaching Fellow
(Headline - Apr 15)
Dr. Hind Al-Abadleh Named Faculty Mentoring Award Recipient
(Headline - Apr 02)
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People at Laurier

Hind Al-Abadleh, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Hind Al-Abadleh is an environmental physical chemist with research interests in the fields of atmospheric chemistry and geochemistry. Dr. Al-Abadleh is the recipient of the 2008 Petro-Canada Award at Laurier. She obtained her PhD at the University of Iowa in 2003 and until 2005 she was a Postdoc at Northwestern. She is an author on 16 peer reviewed journal articles and co-author on a book chapter in the recent Environmental Catalysis book. Dr. Al-Abadleh teaches the physical chemistry courses (CH212 and CH213/CH215) involving thermodynamics, kinetics, quantum chemistry and spectroscopy. She also teaches a special topics course in environmental catalysis (CH445).

Hind Al-Abadleh
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry