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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
November 25, 2015
Canadian Excellence
Dr. Frederique Guinel

Dr. Frédérique Guinel

Professor, Biology - on sabbatical until June 30, 2016

Contact Information
Phone: 519-884-0710 ext.2230   |  lab 519-884-0710 ext.2911
Fax: 519-746-0677
Office Location: N3021C

Languages Spoken


Academic Background
Ph.D. Plant Biology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (1987)
M.Sc. Oceanography, Paris VI, France (1981)
DEUG Sciences Naturelles, Faculte des Sciences, Nantes (1978)
Baccalaureat, Institution Francoise d'Amboise (1975)

Areas of Research: Development and hormonal regulation of root symbiosis (nodulation, mycorrhizae).

Selected publications:

  • Held MA, Pepper AN, Bozdarov J, Smith MD, Emery RJN, Guinel FC (2008). The pea nodulation mutant R5O (sym 16) displays altered activity and expression profiles for cytokinin dehydrogenase. J. Plant Growth Regul. 27: 170-180
  • Pepper AN, Morse AP, Guinel FC (2007).  Abnormal root and nodule vasculature in R50 (sym16), a pea nodulation mutant which accumulates cytokinins. Ann. Bot. 99: 765-776
  • Ferguson BJ, Wiebe EM, Emery RJN, Guinel FC (2005). Cytokinin accumulation and an altered ethylene response mediate the pleiotropic phenotype of the pea nodulation mutant R50 (sym16). Can. J. Bot.   83: 989-1000
  • Guinel FC, Geil RD (2002). A model for the development of the rhizobial and arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses in legumes and its use to understand the roles of ethylene in the estalishment of these two symbioses. Can. J. Bot. 80: 695-720
  • Geil RG, Guinel FC (2002). Effects of elevated substrate-ethylene on colonization of leek (Allium porrum) by the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus aggregatum. Can. J. Bot. 80: 114-119
  • Geil RD, Peterson RL, Guinel FC (2001). Morphological alterations of pea (Pisum sativum cv. Sparkle) arbuscular mycorrhizas as a result of exogenous ethylene treatment. Mycorrhiza 11: 137-143
  • Resendes CM, Geil RD, Guinel FC (2001). Mycorrhizal development in a low nodulating pea mutant. New Phytol. 150: 563-572
  • Lorteau MA, Ferguson BJ, Guinel FC (2001). Effects of cytokinin on ethylene production and nodulation in pea (Pisum sativum) cv. Sparkle. Physiol. Plant. 112: 421-428
  • Guinel FC, Sloetjes LL. (2000). Ethylene is involved in the nodulation phenotype of Pisum sativum R50 (sym16), a pleiotropic mutant which nodulates poorly and has pale green leaves. J.Exp.Bot. 51: 885-894