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July 29, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Community Service-Learning at Laurier integrates meaningful community enagement with classroom instruction and critical reflection, enriching your learning experience while strengthening communities for the common good.

Courses with a CSL component require you to attend class, complete assignments and regularly engage with a community partner placement opportunity or project throughout the term.  Past students have told us that having the opportunity to connect their academic work with real-life learning was the best part of their university experience! We think you'll feel the same way too.

Registration Update

CSL courses are now coded with the acronym CSL in the Dynamic Schedule. Take a look at the CSL courses being offered in fall 2015 and winter 2016.

Take CSL Online

Want to take an online, CSL course? Register for UU150: Foundation of Community Engagement and Service. This course can be found in the Interdisciplinary Studies subject matter in the dynamic schedule.

Community Engagement Option

This Option will appeal most to students who are passionate about social justice, and who are ready to start transitioning from university to the broader world – in this case, from classroom-type learning to learning with others in a context that values civic engagement, cultural diversity, and respect for others. The core courses nudge students to reflect on their values, teach them how to work more effectively and respectfully with others, and nurture interdisciplinary thinking and action. They also prepare students to become citizens who are committed to generate positive social change.

Laurier partners with The Working Centre to offer this option. TWC is a highly-respected non-profit, community-based, volunteer inspired venture in Kitchener that for 30 years has been developing alternative educational initiatives, seeking to give individuals and groups access to tools and opportunities to become involved in the building of local community projects in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.

The core courses are situated in Downtown Kitchener, building on the community-based learning of The Working Centre and other community organizations in the downtown cores. Two of the core courses offer placements at TWC.

For a video overview see:

Community Engagement consists of a total of 4.0 credits: 2.0 credits from required courses, and 2.0 credits from elective courses.

Required Courses (2.0 credits):
AF300: Community Engagement [search for course under “Arts Topic Seminar”, Fall 2015]
AF301: Social Inclusion, Local Democracy and Community Enterprise [search for course under “Arts Topic Seminar”, Fall 2015]
AF305*: Semester in Community Engagement [search for course under “Arts Topic Seminar”, Winter 2015]

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