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May 26, 2015
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Welcome to History

History is the study of the thoughts, actions and achievements of human beings over time. It communicates a profound and practical understanding of how our world came into being by teaching students how to study events in historically-aware ways. History provides a methodology for research and critical thinking which is essential in most professions and walks of life. It acquaints students with important concepts, events and people, and builds their cultural literacy. History promotes a depth of understanding of ourselves and others by heightening critical thinking, deepening global understanding, and enhancing aesthetic and moral awareness. The skills History provides are invaluable in such varied professions as the law, education, journalism and public and international service.

The History Department at Laurier is one of the most comprehensive and dynamic in Canada. The size and diversity of our program allows us to offer students an extensive education in History without imposing on them a package of required courses. It offers 23 full-time faculty with research and teaching expertise across the globe. We have particular geographic strengths in African, Middle-Eastern, Canadian, and American, European and East Asian history along with thematic strengths in military, business, cultural, social, gender and political history.

The Department places singular emphasis on smaller class experiences where students get to know their instructors. We believe that this is the basis of a quality education and we think that it helps explain the excellence and high achievements of our students. The Department also promotes interactive and engaged learning by offering a public history practicum and travel course opportunities. History at Laurier is about more than just interesting topics, dynamic teaching and skills acquisition; it is about an approach to learning geared to producing the impressive citizens who will make Canada’s future.

Interested in hearing what our alumni have to say about Laurier's History program? Click here for undergraduate student alumni or here for testimonials by alumni of our graduate program

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Chair, History Dept
Dr. David Monod
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Dr. Darryl Dee
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People at Laurier

Eva Plach, Department of History Dr. Plach teaches modern east and west European history, and her research specializations include Polish history, Polish-Jewish history, and human-animal studies. Her monograph,The Clash of Moral Nations: Cultural Politics in Pilsudski's Poland, 1926-1935 (Ohio University Press, 2006), is being re-released in paperback in 2013. Her latest work is on the history of the Polish animal welfare movement in the twentieth century.

Eva Plach
Associate Professor,
Department of History