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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
May 2, 2016

Canadian Excellence

The CPA/Laurier Centre for the Advancement of Accounting Research and Education has been established to promote excellence in research and teaching, and to encourage knowledge development in accounting education and practice. Our vision is to enhance the scholarly activities of accounting related faculty and to foster the development of the highest quality accounting graduates.

The Centre supports the scholarly activities and research efforts of WLU accounting related faculty and builds upon our record of producing highly successful graduates.



CPA Gold Medal Wall of Fame

† † † † Thanks to the ongoing support of † †the†Chartered Professional†Accountants of†Ontario we are proud to celebrate our†
UFE Gold Medalists on the†
CPA Gold Medal Wall of Fame.†

LOCATION: KPMG Atrium, Schlegel Building, Wilfrid Laurier University

People at Laurier

Dr. Flora Niu, Associate Professor (Accounting) Professor Niu joined WLU in 2003. She received her PhD in Accounting from University of Waterloo and teaches financial accounting. Current research interests include accounting and reporting issues related with employee compensation and asset securitization. Professor Niuís other research interests include capital markets research related to financial reporting and disclosure issues; empirical research regarding accounting for financial instruments; and empirical corporate finance. Professor Niu has published research in Contemporary Accounting Research, Corporate Governance : An International Review, Review of Accounting & Finance, and the Asia - Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics.

Dr. Flora Niu
Associate Professor (Accounting)