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May 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Welcome to English at Laurier Brantford!

“Books are humanity in print.” ~ Barbara W. Tuchman, 1912-1989

The study of English is more than words and phrases in old books. The study of literature, drama, poetry and language, gives our students the chance to explore interesting ideas; discover other cultures; develop proficiency at writing and editing; and foster strong comprehension and analytical skills. English at Laurier Brantford offers a comprehensive introduction to all of the major periods, genres, and theoretical issues of literature, as well as contemporary culture.

The program can also be completed in combination with another honours program, which allows students to take complementary programs like Journalism or unique programs like Health Studies or Leadership. With the core classes in Contemporary Studies, students will be exposed to other disciplines and how literature and popular culture play important roles in their everyday life.

Sample Courses

• Children’s Literature
• Canadian Fiction in English
• Documentary Film
• Critical Theory of Mass Media
• Drama of the Romantic Period
• The Politics of Transgression and Desire
• American Literature of the Early 20th Century
• Shakespeare’s Tragedies and History Plays

Thinking of applying to English at Laurier Brantford?

Prospective students seeking further information should speak to a representative at  or (519) 756.8228 ext 5777.

Need help with course selection / adding or dropping classes?

Current students requiring academic assistance should contact To book an appointment, please complete the online booking form.

Main Office:

Office of the Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts
Research & Academic Centre East - RCE 211
519.756.8228 ext. 5894

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Kenneth Paradis
Research & Academic Centre West - RCW 320
519.756.8228 ext.5838

Academic Program Assistant:

Nicole Morgan
Research & Academic Centre East - RCW 304
519.756.8228. ext. 5537