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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
February 12, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Welcome to Languages at Laurier Brantford!

The world’s cultural and linguistic landscape is becoming increasingly accessible and diverse. Shared means of travel, information and communication ease the interaction with more peoples and cultures.  The global is becoming more local. The encounter with other cultures and languages allows us to gain new perspectives on the world and broaden our horizons.

Learning another language helps students expand their ‘mental landscape,’ help overcome language barriers, become more aware of cultural diversity. It contributes to the students’ intercultural understanding of international relations; it allows them to gain insight into different geo-cultural perspectives, and consequently the ability to perform at a broader international level.

Laurier Brantford offers courses in French and Italian that can suit the students’ language learning goals and needs. Our courses well complement the interdisciplinary and contemporary approach at the core of all our programs. For instance, students in the Concurrent Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Education can elect to complete a French Teaching Option, or take Italian courses to capitalize on their International Practicum experience in Italy.

Students who learn a second or third language have an extra edge when it comes to employability and mobility in today’s world. They develop more confidence in their communication skills and intercultural relations. Their knowledge of another language integrates well with careers in teaching, digital media and journalism, criminology, law and society, business, health studies, human rights and human diversity.