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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
May 5, 2016
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Dr. Manuela Priesemuth

Assistant Professor (OB/HRM)

Contact Information
Phone: 519.884.0710 ext.4428
Fax: 519.884.0201
Office Location: P2046
Office Hours: By appointment
Academic Background

BS (College of St. Mary), MBA (Creighton University), Ph.D. (University of Central Florida)

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Dr. Manuela Priesemuth is an Assistant Professor of OB/HRM in the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics. She completed her Ph.D. in the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida.
Her main research interests concern social issues in management including workplace deviance, behavioral ethics, organizational justice, and leadership. Manuela is particularly interested in studying relationships between abusive supervisors and employees. She also has a passion for understanding how contextual factors such as work climates and work environments influence employee relationships and behaviors in organizations.

Dr. Priesemuth’s work has been accepted for publication in the Academy of Management Journal, The Leadership Quarterly, Group & Organization Management, and Human Relations. Furthermore, it has appeared as book chapters and in the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Her work has also been nominated for Best Paper and Best Dissertation Awards in the Social Issues in Management (SIM) division of the Academy of Management.


Workplace deviance (e.g., abuse, aggression), Behavioral ethics and prosocial behavior, Fairness in the workplace, Leadership

Additional Information

Selected Publications

Priesemuth, M., Schminke, M., Ambrose, M. L., & Folger, R. (in press). Abusive supervision  climate: A multiple-mediation model of its impact on group outcomes. Academy of Management Journal.

Priesemuth, M. (in press). Stand up and speak up: Employees’ prosocial reactions to observed abusive supervision. Business & Society. (Nominated for Best Dissertation Award).

Moorman, R.H., Darnold, T. C., & Priesemuth, M. (2013). Perceived Leader Integrity: Supporting the construct validity and utility of a multi-dimensional measure in two samples. The Leadership Quarterly, 24, 427-444.

Greenbaum, R. L., Mawritz, M. B., Mayer, D. M., & Priesemuth, M. (2013). To act out, to withdraw, or to constructively resist? Employee reactions to supervisor abuse of customers and the moderating role of employee moral identity. Human Relations, 66, 925-950.

Priesemuth, M., Arnaud, A., & Schminke, M. (2013). Bad behavior in groups: The impact of overall justice climate and functional dependence on counterproductive work behavior in work units. Group & Organization Management, 38, 230-257.

Salvador, R., Folger, R., & Priesemuth, M. (2012). I feel guilty…so we’re sorry. Moral emotions and organizational apology. Journal of Managerial Issues, 24, 124-139.

Moorman, R.H., Darnold, T. C., Priesemuth, M., & Dunn, C. P. (2012). Toward the measurement of perceived leader integrity: Introducing a multidimensional approach. Journal of Change Management, 12, 383-398.

Schminke, M., & Priesemuth, M.  (2012).  Behavioral business ethics:  Taking context seriously.  In A. Tenbrunsel and D. DeCremer (Eds.) Behavioral Business Ethics: Ideas on an Emerging Field.  Routledge/Psychology Press, New York.

Schminke, M., & Priesemuth, M. (2010). Revisiting distant neighbors: Building new bridges between management and ethics. In M. Schminke (Ed.), Managerial Ethics: Moral Management of People and Processes (2nd ed.). Psychology Press/Routledge, New York, NY.

Mayer, D. M., Priesemuth, M., Brown, M., & Kuenzi, M. (2009). Antecedents and consequences of employee-supervisor agreement on ethical leadership fit. Best Paper Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Chicago. (Nominated for Best Paper Award).

Selected Academic Affiliations 

Academy of Management (Organizational Behavior, Research Methods, Social Issues in Management)