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June 28, 2016

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SBE Undergraduate Class Photos Form (Spring 2016) - OB/HRM, ODS, Policy

SBE Undergraduate Class Photos Form (Spring 2016)

OB/HRM, ODS, Policy

The One-Card Office at WLU has digitized photos of Full-Time Laurier students on file. We can provide you with a set of black & white photos of the students in your classes, with nine photos on a page. For those students who are not on file in the One-Card office, you are welcome to borrow our school camera from our Marketing dept, x-3280.

Core Sections

You do not need to request photos for core sections. A set of photos will be provided to you before classes start in May. If you wish to have an updated list later in the term, please contact Susan Lankowski at

Core Sections



BU 231

T, V

BU 354


BU 385


BU 395


BU 398


BU 415

S, T,V

BU 481


BU 491

M, N, P, Q, R, S, T,V

Photos from the One Card Office will not be available until after May 15th. The last day for adding courses is May 15th and if we were to print them any earlier, you would not get a very accurate set of photos.

Please indicate the course(s) for which you would like One Card photos below and submit the form by Thursday, May 5, 2016. Thank you.


updated March 28/16