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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
February 27, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Faculty/Staff Listing


2-119 Woods Building
75 University Ave W
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5
Phone: 519-884-0710 x3330
Fax: 519-884-9387

Chisholm, Cathy
Graduate Administrative Assistant (February - June 2015)
Christie, Dr. Laird
Professor Emeritus
Czegledy, Dr. Andre
Associate Professor, Anthropology (Sabbatical 2014/2015)
Guenther, Dr. Mathias
Professor Emeritus
Gulewitsch, Mr. Victor
Contributing CAS Lecturer
Lyons, Dr. Andrew
Professor Emeritus
Philips, Dr. Amali
Contract Academic Staff
Pravaz, Dr. Natasha
Associate Professor, Coordinator & Undergraduate Advisor
Richardson, Dr. Tanya
Associate Professor (Global Studies) and Academic Advisor 2014-2015