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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Enrolment Services
April 1, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Faculty/Staff Listing

Records & Registration

Second Floor
202 Regina St N
Waterloo, ON, ON, N2L 3C5
Phone: 519.884.1970
Fax: 519.884.8826

Barfoot, Melody
Cross Registration/Communications Assistant
Brown, Richard
Information Specialist/Data Entry (to January 2015)
DeWitte Fairless, Martha
Mail/File Clerk
Harris, Scott
Associate Registrar: Student Records & Services
Hosein, Khaleel
Academic Program Administrator I
Hunt, Lisa
Academic Program Administrator II
Kinahan, Jodi
Registration Systems Administrator
Lafrance, Melanie
Customer Service: Transcript and Document Specialist
Lewis, Julie
Information Specialist/Data Entry (to January 2015)
Taylor, Jenna
Academic Program Administrator II (to August 2015)
Watson, Marilyn
Functional Analyst - Enrolment Services Project Team IT (to August 2015)
Wong, Sarah
Academic Program Administrator
Young, Pat
Academic Program Administrator II