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June 26, 2016

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Faculty of Music

Graduation Recital: Erik Scheele

Honours Composition
Apr 14/13

Date: Apr 14/13
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Location: Maureen Forrester Recital Hall
Cost: Free admission


Opening by Erik Scheele (b. 1990)

The Slavic Smile by John Lewis (1920-2001)
arr. Erik Scheele

Sequence Cycle by Erik Scheele (b. 1990)

Audience Suggestions by Erik Scheele (b. 1990)

The Scratch by Erik Scheele (b. 1990)

Free Improv by Erik Scheele (b. 1990)

The Drop by Peter Gabriel (b. 1950)
arr. Erik Scheele

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