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July 3, 2015

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Terrence Levesque

Waiting for service: the effectiveness of recovery strategies (ABSTRACT)

McDougall, G., & Levesque, T.

published: 1999 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - Marketing

McDougall, G., & Levesque, T. (1999). "Waiting for service: the effectiveness of recovery strategies". International Journal of Comteporary Hospitality Management, 11 (1), 6.

ABSTRACT: In this paper, two experiments examined the effectiveness of service recovery strategies in situations where the service firm made customers wait even though they had made a reservation. The recovery strategies - apology only, assistance, compensation, assistance plus compensation - which reflected industry practices, did not lead to positive future intentions towards the service firm. While assistance plus compensation was the most effective strategy, respondents still held negative future intentions towards the service firm. Other factors that had an impact included the type of hospitality service, restaurant or hotel, and the purpose for buying the service. The major implication was that current industry recovery practices were inadequate in mitigating negative intentions. When service firms break a promise, effective recovery requires considerable effort to overcome customers' negative intentions.

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