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June 28, 2016

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Lucy Lee

Development of a permanent cell line derived from fathead minnow testis and their applications in environmental toxicology

The Bulletin, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory V49: 83-86
Vo NTK, Sansom B, Kozlowski E, Bloch S & Lee LEJ

published: 2010 | Research publication | Recent Publications

Fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) is a widely used aquatic vertebrate model organism used extensively in toxicology both for regulatory testing and research. Fathead minnows are especially important in the study of environmental endocrine disruptors (EEDís) and cell lines derived from these organisms are being sought for ecotoxicological studies. In this study, we report on a newly established epithelial cell line from fathead minnow testis (FHMT-W1) and on their applicability for cytotoxicological studies. These cells could be useful for understanding mechanisms of testicular cell growth and differentiation in fathead minnow species as well as in toxicity response in aquatic animals. †

Download: PDF (2.49MB) †† Lee_MDIBL_bull10.pdf

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