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February 14, 2016

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Global Engagement Student Ambassadors

TK Mawuli Azaglo

published: 2014 | Background | Student Groups

Laurierís goal is to graduate students who are engaged and aware of their role in an increasingly globalized society. As part of Laurier International, it is our responsibility in Global Engagement to plan, develop, implement and evaluate intercultural programming to meet Laurierís goal. We believe students are at the core of what we do and we value their input to execute innovative ideas and support in the work we do. The Global Engagement Student Ambassador position provides you with opportunities to gain transferable work experiences and skills, meet and work with people in different departments and with us to implement best ideas to achieve our goal. You become part of a larger team but also work in one of our portfolios identified under the roles and responsibilities below. We want this opportunity to be both productive and meaningful for you and our department. †

Download: PDF (201k) †† Global_Engagement_Student_Ambassador.pdf

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