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February 7, 2016

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Laurier - Northwest Territories Partnership

WLU-GNWT Infrastructure Access Agreement

WLU-GNWT Science Committee

published: 2011 | Policy | Infrastructure Access Policy

The Contribution Agreement between the Government of the Northwest Territories and Wilfrid Laurier University was signed on 26 May, 2010. This agreement focuses on the new Canadian Aquatic Laboratories for Interdisciplinary Boreal Ecosystem Research (CALIBER) program and how it can facilitate scientific studies on natural resources in the NWT. In accordance with this agreement, the parties shall establish a Science Committee. The Agreement requires that the Science Committee develop an Access Policy that defines how the access to and use of the laboratory and field facilities and equipment of each Party* will be conducted, and addresses any costs to be charged for such use as indicated in Article 13.5 of the Agreement.

Download: PDF (50k) Infrastructure_Access_Agreement.pdf

revised Jan 26/11

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