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June 24, 2016

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Sapna Isotupa


email: Sapna Isotupa
phone: 519.884.0710
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Research publication

Sapna Isotupa

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2009 Achieving Resource Efficiency by Customs Administrations in A Constrained Economic Climate: A Critical Examination ExternalExternal Michael Haughton and Sapna Isotupa
2009 Impact of Adjuster Moral Hazard on Driving Records ExternalExternal Mary Kelly, K.P. Sapna Isotupa, Anne Kleffner
2006 An (s,Q) Markovian Inventory System with Lost Sales and Two Demand Classes (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal K.P. Sapna Isotupa
2006 Continuous Review (s,Q) Inventory System with Two Types of Customers ExternalExternal K.P. Sapna Isotupa
2005 Optimal Management of Cross-Trained Workers in Services with Negligible Switching Costs (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Berman, O., W. Jiamin, & K.P. Sapna
2005 Optimal control of servers in front and back rooms with correlated work (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Berman, O., & Sapna Isotupa, K.P.
2004 An M/PH/k retrial queue with finite number of sources (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Alfa, A.S., & Sapna Isotupa, K.P.
2002 An Infinite Phase Quasi-Birth-and-Death Model for the Non-preemptive Priority M/PH/1 Queue (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Sapna Isotupa, K.P., & Stanford, D.
2002 Optimal service rates of a service facility with perishable inventory items (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Berman, O., & Sapna Isotupa, K.P.
2001 Optimal control of service for facilities holding inventory (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Berman, O., & Sapna Isotupa, K.P.
2000 Inventory Management at Service Facilities for Systems With Arbitrarily Distributed Service Times ExternalExternal Berman, O., & Sapna Isotupa, K.P.
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