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July 25, 2016

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Kenneth Harling


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Kenneth Harling

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2008 H & R Sewing Maching Company ExternalExternal S. Hummel and K. Harling
2008 Competing in a Mature Market: The Case of Super AM Food Markets ExternalExternal K. Harling
2006 Walter Hundhausen Gmbh ExternalExternal K. Harling
2006 The Value of the Plains Cotton Cooperative Association ExternalExternal J.Welch, C. Lyford, K. Harling
2005 Plant Nutrients Inc. ExternalExternal T.F. Funk and K. Harling
2005 EDS Systemhouse ExternalExternal K. Harling and T. Cawsey
2005 ABS-Global Canada ExternalExternal K. Harling
2001 Identity Preservation: Trade, Information Technology, Business Strategy - Discussion ExternalExternal K. Harling
2000 Scholarship and decision cases: pedagogy and standards for publication (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Harling, K., Lyford, C., & Beierlein, J.
2000 E.D. Smith and Sons, Ltd. (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Harling, K.
2000 Canada Packers Inc. (B) ExternalExternal Athanassakos, G., & Harling, K.
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