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March 27, 2015

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Bixia Xu


email: Bixia Xu
phone: 519.884.0710
ext: 2659

Research publication

Bixia Xu

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2007 The Stock Market Valuation of R&D Information in Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) Can't determine type Xu, B., M. Magnan & Andrew, P.
2007 Beijing Biotechnology Company: Financial Reporting Issues of Expansion to the West (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal Xu, B., & McConomy, B.
2007 Life-Cycle Impact on the Value Relevance of Common Risk Factors (ABSTRACT) ExternalCan't determine type B.Xu
2006 R&D Strategy and Stock Price Volatility in the Biotechnology Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 R&D Progress, Stock Price Volatility and Post-Announcement Drift: An Empirical Invesitgation into Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2006 Market Differential Evaluations of Strategic Alliances in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal B. Xu
2004 Value Creation in the Biotechnology Industry (ABSTRACT) ExternalExternal McConomy, B., & Xu, B.
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