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July 25, 2016

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Julie Mueller

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2008 Technology Integration and the Construction of Knowledge in a Pre?service Teacher Education Laptop Program PDFPDF (123k) Mueller, J., Buzza, D., Kotsopolous, D., & Johnston, M.
2008 Investigating a professional development school model of teacher education in Canada PDFPDF (165k) Buzza, D., Kotsopolous, D., & Mueller, J.
2008 Identifying discriminating variables between teachers who fully integrate computers and teachers with limited integration PDFPDF (310k) Mueller, J., Wood, E., Willoughby, T., Ross, C., & Specht, J.
2007 Teachers' Perceptions: Barriers and Supports to Using Technology in the Classroom PDFPDF (77k) Wood, E., Mueller, J., Willoughby, T., Specht, J., & DeYoung, T.
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