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July 25, 2016

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Manulife Centre for Community Health Research

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2016 MCCHR Newsletter Summer 2016 PDFPDF (1.39MB) T.Diriye
2016 MCCHR Newsletter Winter 2016 PDFPDF (5.10MB) Ginette Lafreniere; Jennifer Gordon
2015 Emily Gibson- Developing Positive Working Relationships with People Who Hoard PDFPDF (259k) Emily Gibson
2015 Dr. Karen Rowa- Family Accommodation in Problematic Hoarding: When Does Support Cross the Line? PDFPDF (336k) Dr. Karen Rowa
2015 Gloria Mcneil-Understanding Emergency and Enforcement Services and Their Role in Hoarding Cases PDFPDF (6.70MB) Gloria MacNeil
2015 Laurie Robinson- Understanding Hoarding: The Case for the Integration of Trauma-Informed Principles in Practice PDFPDF (9.00MB) Laurie Robinson
2015 Understanding the Merits and Challenges of Collaboration: Exploring the Possible Development of a Provincial Network for Service Providers Working in the Area of Hoarding PDFPDF (364k) Dr. Ginette Lafreniere, Morgan Braganza & Gail Gilbert
2015 Dr. Katie Kilroy-Marac- Hoarding and Professional Organizers: An Anthropological Approach PDFPDF (7.24MB) Dr. Kilroy-Marac
2015 James Hind- Fire Prevention and Threat Reduction PDFPDF (8.11MB) James Hind
2015 Douglas Levitt- Eviction and Homelessness Prevention PDFPDF (3.47MB) Douglas Levitt
2015 Margaret Notar- Hoarding 101: An Overview of Everything You Wanted to Know and More PDFPDF (1.16MB) Margaret Notar
2015 Jennifer Bluhm- Animal Hoarding Inside Out: An Investigators Perspective PDFPDF (7.23MB) Jennifer Bluhm
2015 Kim Hodder & Linda Flemming-Hoarding: A Case Study from Waterloo Region PDFPDF (824k) Kim Hodder & Linda Flemming
2015 Kim Hodder & Shannon McMahon- Working with People with Lived Experience: Insights from the Front-Line PDFPDF (1.85MB) Kim Hodder & Shannon McMahon
2015 Dr. Gail Steketee Thursday Keynote- Understanding and Treating Hoarding Disorder: It Takes a Village PDFPDF (957k) Dr. Gail Steketee
2015 Dr. Christiana Bratiotis Friday Keynote- Community Collaboration: An Intervention Strategy for Hoarding PDFPDF (591k) Dr. Christiana Bratiotis/ Dr. Gail Steketee
2015 Buried in Treasures: An Overview of Clinical Intervention for Hoarding Disorder PDFPDF (696k) Dr. Gail Steketee
2015 Women and Gendered Studies Newsletter PDFPDF (2.83MB) J.G.
2015 Self- Care Month PDFPDF (346k) Jacklyn Frias
2015 MCCHR Newsletter Winter 2015 PDFPDF (2.47MB) Jennifer Gordon
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View all Manulife Centre for Community Health Research documents