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December 1, 2015

Canadian Excellence


External Grants and Contracts

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2015 FGPS nomination form for SSHRC Impact Award: Talent Category DOCDOC (31k) ORS/FGPS
2015 CFREF Instructions PDFPDF (33k) ORS
2015 Laurier CFREF EOI Form revised DOCDOC (270k) ORS
2015 CFREF instructions PDFPDF (33k) ORS
2015 ORS Inventory of awards available to researchers to apply for PDFPDF (282k) ORS
2015 SSHRC IDG presentation Dec.14 PDFPDF (1.47MB) ORS: Ruth Knechtel, Shane Dixon, Shawna Reibling
2015 2015 grant assistance deadlines PDFPDF (111k) ORS
2013 2013 NSERC Discovery Grant Workshop PPTXPPTX (6.93MB) Charity Parr-Vasquez
2013 NSERC USRA Information Session PPTPPT (5.87MB) Elin Edwards
2011 CIHR Summaries of Application Writing Tips PDFPDF (62k) Elin Edwards
2011 Advice on NSERC Discovery and RTI Applications PDFPDF (89k) Robert Bridson, UBC
2011 NSERC Engage Grant Workshop powerpoint presentation PDFPDF (395k) NSERC
2009 External Grant and Contract Cover Sheet PDFPDF (144k) Elin Edwards
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