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Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
April 24, 2014
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Why Choose WLS

At Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, our students discover the best of all worlds -- the close-knit social community of a small college, the rich diversity of a dynamic city, and all the amenities of a world-class university. Our ecumenical, multifaith and inclusive practice creates a diverse and vibrant community.

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary offers a unique graduate experience that is personal within the Faculty of Graduate Studies of Wilfrid Laurier University, which confers our degrees. WLU is one of Canada's top ranked universities and provides resources that allow our students the opportunity to pursue research and scholarly interests in a personalized environment that fosters a high standard of academic excellence.  Our graduates find rewarding careers where they serve with the heart, such as counsellors, pastors, ministers, chaplains and social workers.

Most importantly, WLS is a community.  Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you become all that God has called you to be.  We hope you can join us in this great adventure.

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A few spots left for Seminary's Holistic Healing Conference A few spots left for Seminary's Holistic Healing Conference
(Campus Update - Apr 14)
Where to study on the Waterloo campus
(Campus Update - Apr 11)
Holistic Healing Conference to be hosted by Waterloo Lutheran Seminary’s Glebe Centre May 9-10 Holistic Healing Conference to be hosted by Waterloo Lutheran Seminary’s Glebe Centre May 9-10
(Campus Update - Feb 12)
Nelson Mandela: Madiba to the nations
(Headline - Dec 16)
What's open and when, Dec. 16-23
(Campus Update - Dec 16)
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Holistic Healing Conference
(May 09 - May 10)
Surveying South: Inshallah with Menno Singers
(May 10)
Friends of the Seminary Golf Tournament
(May 29)
Luther Hostel 2014
(Jun 02 - Jun 06)
Spring Convocation 2014 - Afternoon Ceremony
(Jun 13)
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People at Laurier

Adrienne Jones, M.Div Student Going to Seminary can be a difficult experience for some people. It can be harder than what is expected because of theological or personal issues that arise. What happens at this Seminary is you give birth to yourself, and that can be a very difficult and trying journey - but one you wouldn't trade for the world. Some journeys take longer than others (I was horribly green when I started mine over fourteen years ago), but each one reveals God's truth in God's time. At this seminary, there are people who serve as mid-wives at this birthing process. Thanks be to God! Being a non-counselling academic-stream M.A. student here has given me a freedom I did not expect to find. Within the first two months, I had what could only be called a personal epiphany - both my plans and my life changed dramatically. The professors value each student individually, giving the student permission to let their true selves be revealed. If someone had told me when I started that I would be planning to pursue doctoral studies in theology, I would have laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of the thought. Now I would see them as being prophetic. I did not truly know what I was capable of doing until I had one very powerful conversation with a professor here that did more for me in 90 minutes than various others in the last twelve years. The next thing I know I'm preparing for future studies with a hope and a confidence I did not have when I started. I believe I am better prepared now for what direction my life will take because of the people I have met here. The words "thank you" are far too small to encompass my gratitude to the people here at WLS, but they are all I have.

Adrienne Jones
M.Div Student