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February 10, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Fall 2011 Courses

The fall line-up started the week of October 10th and courses are running at the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. To view the accompnaying fall brochure please click here. You will need AdobeReader to view the document. Please click here to obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader.

Andy Thomson Canadian Business History
Annette Chretien Maple Syrup That's Canadian, eh? - CANCELLED
Blaine Chiasson Japan
Elmer Thiessen Philosophy of Religion: Part II
Gary Warrick Archaeology and Southern Ontario's Past (Brantford Campus)
Geoff Stevens The Media in Politics: Watchdog or Lapdog - COURSE FULL
Jan Overduin An Introduction to the Cantatas of J.S. Bach -COURSE FULL
Jerry Salloum Climate Change: The Earth doing what it has always done?
Jim Weldon Poetry Appreciation: Robert Frost and W.H. Auden - COURSE FULL
Ilse Friesen Great Works of Medieval Art from 10001500 C.E: The development of Cathedral Architecture and Sculpture, Stained Glass, Altar Paintings and Manuscripts, Secular Images and the Role of Saints and Society at large, including its gradual transformation toward the Renaissance - COURSE FULL
Len Friesen Russian History told through Moscow and St. Petersburg/Leningrad - COURSE FULL
Oz Cole-Arnal The History of Modern France: from Revolution to de Gaulle (1789-1960) via Cartoons & Posters
Paul Tiessen Miriam Toews: Two novels, One memoir, One film