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Slippery Pastimes

Reading the Popular in Canadian Culture

Joan Nicks and Jeannette Sloniowski, editors

Cultural Studies


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$48.95 Paper, 360 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-88920-388-4

Release Date: March 2002



Sixteen essays, written by specialists from many fields, grapple with the problem of a popular culture that is not very popular — but is seen by most as vital to the body politic, whether endangered by globalization or capable of politically progressive messages for its audiences.

Slippery Pastimes covers a variety of topics: Canadian popular music from rock ’n’ roll to country, hip-hop to pop-Celtic; television; advertising; tourism; sport and even postage stamps! As co-editors, Nicks and Sloniowski have taken an open view of the Canadian Popular, and contributors have approached their topics from a variety of perspectives, including cultural studies, women’s studies, film studies, sociology and communication studies. The essays are accessibly written for undergraduate students and interested general readers.

Joan Nicks and Jeannette Sloniowski are both associate professors of film studies and popular culture at Brock University.


“[T]he scope of the book is impressive...[and] promises to stimulate discussion about the ‘slippery’ nature of communication.”

— Michael Dawson, University of Northern British Columbia, Historical Studies in Education

“Provides helpful insights for anyone interested in religion and popular culture in North America. V. Blundell’s essay on aboriginal cultural tourism, for example, clearly relates to important questions about the commercialization of indigenous sacred sites and objects.”

— Jamie S. Scott, York University, Religious Studies Review

Slippery Pastimes

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