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Table of Contents for
The Newfoundland Diaspora: Mapping the Literature of Out-Migration, by Jennifer Delisle


Introduction: Mapping the Literature of Out-Migration

Part One: Defining the Newfoundland Diaspora

1 Newfoundland and the Concept of Diaspora

Part Two: Affective Responses

2 Donna Morrissey and the Search for Prairie Gold

3 ?The ?Going Home Again? Complaint?: Carl Leggo and Nostalgia for Newfoundland

Part Three: Is the Newfoundlander ?Authentic? in the Diaspora?

4 E.J. Pratt and the Gateway to Canada

5 ?A Papier Mâché Rock?: Wayne Johnston and Rejecting Regionalism

Part Four: Imagining the Newfoundland Nation

6 ?This Is Their Country Now?: David French, Confederation, and the Imagined Community

7 Writing the ?Old Lost Land?: Johnston Part Two

Part Five: Postmodern Ethnicity and Memoirs from Away

8 Helen Buss / Margaret Clarke and the Negotiation of Identity

9 The ?Holdin? Ground?: David Macfarlane and the Second Generation

Conclusion: Writing in Diaspora Space


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