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August 2, 2014
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Instructional Assistant (IA) Application Form

IA positions are available to WLU students first unless no qualified candidate can be found. Only students may apply. The definition of 'student' is someone registered in a degree granting program (i.e. not taking a course or two for interest). That can be WLU student in a BA/BSc, Masters, or PhD program. Students from other universities are not eligible.

Normally only students who get a mark of A- or better in the appropriate prerequisite courses are considered for IA and marking positions.

IAs are usually chosen in July/August and sometimes December. If we decide to interview you for a position we will contact you by email.

You must submit your resume along with your application. Please zip your resume in .zip format and email it to Rick Henderson at:
rhenderson AT wlu DOT ca.

First Name:
Student ID:
Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:

Check the course you want to IA and/or mark for. Note that not all courses listed here will need IAs and/or markers at the time they are offered.

AS101 Astronomy I: Our Place in the Cosmos
AS102 Astronomy II: Journey Through the Cosmos
AS105 Astronomy and Space Science
CP102 Information Processing with Microcomputer Systems
CP104 Introduction to Programming
CP114 Data Structures
CP120 Digital Electronics
CP200 Electronics Laboratory I
CP202 Website Design
CP211 File Structures and Processing (Cancelled)
CP212 Windows Application Programming
CP213 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
CP216 Microprocessor I
CP217 Introduction to System Programming
CP264 Data Structures II (Cancelled)
CP300 Electronics Laboratory II
CP312 Algorithm Design and Analysis I
CP315 Introduction to Scientific Computation
CP316 Microprocessor Systems & Interfacing
CP317 Software Engineering
CP319 Digital System Design
CP363 Database I
CP364 Data Communications and Networks
CP372 Computer Networks
CP373 Ethics and Professional Practice in Computer Science
CP386 Operating Systems
CP400 Special Topics
CP400M iPhone Application Programming
CP411 Computer Graphics
CP412 Algorithm Design and Analysis II
CP414 Foundations of Computing
CP460 Applied Cryptography
CP461 Introduction to Computational Aspects of Bio-informatics
CP463 Simulation
CP464 Selected Topics in Computer Hardware
CP465 Database II
CP467 Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
CP468 Artificial Intelligence
CP471 Introduction to Compiling
CP472 Programming Languages
CP476 Internet Computing
CP493 Directed Research Project I
CP494 Directed Research Project II
CP495 Directed Studies
CP496 Interdisciplinary Design Project I
CP497 Interdisciplinary Design Project II
PC120 Digital Electronics
PC131 Mechanics
PC132 Thermodynamics and Waves
PC141 Mechanics for the Life Sciences
PC142 Thermodynamics and Waves for the Life Sciences
PC200 Electronics Laboratory I
PC212 Electricity and Magnetism
PC221 Analog Electronics I
PC235 Classical Mechanics
PC236 Fundamentals of Photonics
PC237 Optics
PC242 Modern Physics
PC300 Electronics Laboratory II
PC315 Introduction to Scientific Computation
PC319 Digital System Design
PC321 Quantum Mechanics I
PC322 Solid State Device Physics
PC331 Quantum Mechanics II
PC344 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PC360 Electromagnetic Theory
PC364 Data Communications and Networks
PC400 Special Topics
PC421 Photonics Devices
PC450 Instrumentation
PC454 Solid State Physics
PC471 Analog Electronics II
PC474 Optical Networks
PC475 Design of Control Systems
PC481 Fibre Optics
PC482 Lasers and Electro-optics
PC491 Directed Research Project I
PC492 Directed Research Project II
PC495 Directed Studies
PC495A Fourier Optics
PC496 Interdisciplinary Design Project I
PC497 Interdisciplinary Design Project II


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