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Physics & Computer Science Laboratory Safety and Use

Students are expected to act responsibly in the lab and to follow all rules and regulations set out in this document. A student who has questions about a lab exercise or situation, such as how to use a particular piece of equipment, should ask the Instructional Assistant or the Lab Instructor. Safety is the first priority.

Please notify the Lab Instructor as early in the term as possible if there are special circumstances (e.g. allergies, pregnancy) that might make working in the lab, or responding to emergencies (e.g. evacuating the building), difficult for you.

You must complete the following check list before being permitted to work in this laboratory. As you read the list, please check each box to indicate that you understand and agree to the rule.

Pay close attention to the prelab talk. Safety issues specific to a particular lab exercise are discussed during this time.

NO food or drink is allowed in the lab AT ANY TIME.

Coats, sweaters, backpacks, etc. must be kept off the work areas and floor. Please place these items in the designated area.

Report ANY accident (e.g. burns, cuts) to your lab instructor or authorizing person as soon as possible.

Treat labs as a professional setting provided for you to do your assigned work.

Treat all equipment as expensive, delicate, and irreplaceable.

Always return equipment to where it was before the lab, unless otherwise instructed.

Do not use any equipment or materials for which you have not been specifically authorized and trained to use.

Discontinue use of any apparently faulty equipment. Turn off and tag the equipment immediately. Inform the lab supervisor, instructional assistant, or the lab technician as soon as possible.

Know the fire exit routes for your lab. In case of fire, leave the lab immediately.

No student is to enter a lab under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In addition, students who have authorization to work in a lab with no immediate supervision:

Failure to follow the above rules and regulations may result in expulsion from the lab.

I have read and understood these rules and their implications. By submitting this page with my Novell login and password I indicate that I agree to follow these rules and regulations.

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