Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science Posted Sep 06, 2005
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 AS101: Astronomy I: Our Place in the Cosmos

  Fall 2011

  Instructor: Dr. Shohini Ghose


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  Final Exam Equation Sheet
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  Lecture 1                  
Lecture 6                        Lecture 11                      
  Lecture 2                  Lecture 7                        Lecture 12
  Lecture 3                  Lecture 8                        Lecture 13
  Lecture 4                      Lecture 9                      Lecture 14
  Lecture 5                  Lecture 10                   Lecture 15

  Interesting Links
  NASA's astronomy picture of the day
  Earth Rotation
  The Known Universe
  Powers of 10
  Big History
  A History of the Universe in Sound
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
  NASA for Students
Night Sky Guide
  Sky and Telescope
  Public Tours of U Waterloo Observatory
  Interactive planetarium
  Earth and moon viewer
  The story of science
Movie of Meteorite Impact
  Leonid Meteor Shower
Mars Exploration Rover Animation
"The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible"
   -Albert Einstein

Milky Way over Ontario, Canada
  Milky Way over Ontario, Canada: Photo by Kerry-Ann Hepburn