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September 1, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Course Posters

Choose from a variety of course posters listed below, which are a sample of the courses offerings that we are offering, under the Languages & Literatures Department for Winter 2013.

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Related Information Title Type
2013 FR231 Document
2013 FR251 Document
2013 FR260 Document
2013 FR360 Document
2013 FR385 Innovations in French Cinema (Winter 2013) Document
2013 Lecture: Enacting the Real Document
2013 SP200: Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain (Course Poster, Spring 2013) Document
2013 SP436 Document
2013 SP461A Hispanic Linguistics (Course Poster, Winter 2013) Document
2012 FR102A Quia Instructions (Winter 2012) Document
2012 How to use the Waitlist feature on LORIS Document
2012 SP100A* Introductory Spanish (Fall2012-Winter2013) Document
2012 SP201 & SP202: Intermediate Spanish I & Intermediate Spanish II, (Course Posters 2012-2013) Document