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June 24, 2016
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Spanish Program

As the fourth most spoken language in the world, Spanish is becoming more and more essential to many careers within the areas of arts, education, business, science, social work and more. Students who study Spanish in the Department of Languages & Literatures not only develop vital skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening, but they also  acquire an understanding for the language, literary texts, and cultures represented throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Moreover, students obtain the breadth of knowledge that is essential when perusing graduate degrees in related areas (e.g., Latin American or Peninsular Literature, Hispanic Studies, Spanish Linguistics, etc.). The department offers an Honours BA in Spanish, an Honours BA in Spanish in combination with another Honours BA program, and minors in Spanish and Business Spanish. In addition, students have the option to pursue a certificate in Business Spanish issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, for which the Department is the sole representative. Spanish could also be part of the Honours BA in Languages as language I or II.

NEW Spanish e-brochures and information now available HERE.


Honours BA in Spanish

The Honours Spanish program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, including a minimum of 10.0 credits in Spanish. Not more than 6.0 credits may be at the 100 level.

A. Spanish Core Courses (5.5 credits):
SP101, SP102 or SP100*;
SP201, SP202, SP223, SP228;
Both SP301, SP302 or both SP303, SP304;
SP326 or SP327;
One 0.5 credit at the 4th year level

B. Spanish Elective Courses (4.5 credits)
These courses can include SP220 (taught in English), SP335 and all other senior-level Spanish courses taught in the target language.

C. Other electives (10.0 credits)
These courses can be chosen from additional Spanish courses or other areas of the department and university. These credits may form part of another program or minor.

Honours BA Spanish in Combination with another Honours BA Program:

The requirements are the same as for Honours Spanish except that a minimum of 8.0 credits in Spanish is required.


Spanish Minor

The Minor in Spanish consists of 3.0 credits including SP201, SP202, SP301, SP302, and 1.0 credit in senior-level courses taught in Spanish (i.e., SP288* and higher). Completion of this minor may lead to the Certificate in Business Spanish from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Madrid.

Business Spanish Minor

The Minor in Business Spanish consists of 3.0 credits including SP201, SP202, SP303, SP304, and 1.0 credit in senior-level courses taught in Spanish (i.e., SP288* and higher). Completion of this minor may lead to the Certificate in Business Spanish from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Madrid.


Spanish Course Offerings in 2015-2016

SP100/> Introduction to Spanish/> 1.0/>


SP101/> Introduction to Spanish I/> 0.5/>


SP102/> Introduction to Spanish II/> 0.5/>


SP288/> Study Abroad/> 1.0/>


SP201/> Intermediate Spanish I/> 0.5/>


SP202/> Intermediate Spanish II/> 0.5/>


SP223/> Introduction to Spanish Literature 0.5/>

SP228 Introduction to Latin American Literature 0.5 (offered at U of Waterloo)


Composition and Conversation I/> 0.5/>


SP302/> Composition and Conversation II/> 0.5/>

SP303 Business Spanish I 0.5

SP304 Business Spanish II 0.5

SP325 Spanish Art, Music and Media 0.5

SP335 Spanish and Latin American Cinema 0.5 

SP401 Advanced Communications Strategies 0.5 (offered at U of Waterloo as SP401 Spanish in Motion)/>

SP438G Memory and Arts in 21st Century 0.5

SP466 Subversive Narratives in the Hispanic World 0.5



Exámenes de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Madrid

Ficha de Inscripción

 Acuerdo Firmado 2016

SP288 Study Abroad Program

Click to link to SP288 webpage

SP288*: Study Abroad is an annual spring course and an all-inclusive, international immersion experience in a Spanish-speaking country. This 1.0-credit course is led and instructed by a Laurier faculty member. At the destination abroad, this Supervising Professor instructs the language course in the target language and incorporates all the essential areas of Spanish language learning. Activities in class are designed to sharpen vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and reading skills. Fluency and listening comprehension are further developed through constant interaction in Spanish not only in the classroom but also through host families, community members, and cultural immersion. Writing skills are emphasized via a cultural immersion journal of daily entries. An understanding of the target culture is obtained during extended excursions and day trips which also complement themes learned in and out of the classroom.

The SP288 package includes: textbook; international airfare and all transportation abroad; homestay with Spanish-speaking families including meals, linens, and laundry service; transportation, all hotel accommodations, guided tours and entrance tickets to all excursions and day trips; cultural activities and conversational practice with native Spanish speakers; and visits to over a dozen towns abroad.

Spanish Courses at UW

Students taking Spanish courses at University of Waterloo, must complete a Cross-Registration form.  Please view the following links to view Spanish course descriptions and course timetables.

UW Spanish Course Descriptions:

UW Schedule of Classes for Undergraduate Students:

Cross-Registration form.

Print Cross-Registration form, fill in required information, sign and forward to the Admin Office BA405.



HBA in Spanish, Academic Progression Worksheet

HBA in Spanish, Academic Progression Worksheet

HBA Spanish in Combination, Academic Progression Worksheet

HBA Spanish in Combination, Academic Progression Worksheet

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