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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
June 30, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Information

Faculty members who are employed on a contract basis at WLU are called by the WLUFA collective agreements "CAS," short for Contract Academic Staff.

The Elected Part-time Appointment Committee (PTAC) for the Women and Gender Studies Program for 2015-16 consists of:

M. Toye (Chair)
S. Khan
C. Arnason

D. Kotsopoulos andN. Pravazas alternates

Academic Postings (All full-time and CAS postings at WLU)

WLUFA Newsletters

Roster Application Form (*rtf version)

Assessment of CAS Candidates Form

The following faculty will be teaching Fall 2015/Winter 2016:

Kelly Baker (WS212)
Neil Balan (WS211OC)
Leslie Nichols (WS204OC)
Natasha Patterson (WS100OC)
Helen Ramirez (WS100B, C, Eand BR, WS204 and WS208)
Bianca Rus (WS203OC and WS305)
Lorraine Vander Hoef (WS100OC and WS203A)