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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
June 27, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Professor Emeriti

Peter Erb

B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier); M.S.L. (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, Toronto); Ph.D. (Toronto)


  • Roman Catholic and Protestant writers of the Romantic period, especially in Germany
  • 19th century British theology, especially Manning, Newman, Gladstone, and converts to Roman Catholicism
  • 19th century British religious novels, especially those emphasizing conversion or crisis of faith
  • German Pietism
  • Radical Reformation, especially mystical spiritualists
  • Late medieval spirituality

Robert Fisher


  • Ancient Near Eastern texts and languages
  • Hebrew Bible

Ron Grimes

B.A. (Kentucky Wesleyan); M.Div. (Emory); Ph.D. (Columbia)

  • Ritual studies
  • Religion and the performing arts
  • Religious autobiography and biography
  • Anthropology of religion, ethnographic fieldwork
  • Indigenous religions of North America; the American Southwest

Harold Remus


  • Early Christian texts and communities
  • Christian Origins, including relations between Jews, Christians, and polytheists in the ancient Mediterranean world
  • The theory and practice of "magic" and "miracle" in that world
  • Social justice issues as an avocation
  • The academic study of religion
  • Contemporary Lutheran social policies