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May 24, 2016

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Corrections to the Seventh Edition

Despite our best efforts to produce error-free books various types of
mistakes remain. On this page we will announce all such errors and their
corrections. If you discover a new one please e-mail me at

Note: Some of the following corrections may have been already made to your copy.

Page 48, First line after the table: Change Table 2.4 to Table 2.8

Page 51, Exercise 2.43 Delete (in $thousands)

Page 133, Change equation on sixth line toy[hat] = 105.3 + 7.035x

Page 224, Second box: Add

Incidentally, the variance of a Poisson random variable is equal to the mean. That is, />/>/>/>.

Page 445, Exercise 13.45: Change 220to 150.

Page 558, sixth line from the bottom, change Accounting to Marketing

Page 560, space above the Excel printout make the following changes

1 = Accounting

2 = Finance

3 = Marketing

Page 587, firstline after Minitab printout: The susbscript for b should be 1 (not 0).

Page 634, sixth line: The formula for MSR should beMSR = SSR/k

Page 723, line above the box containing Xr20-47: The line should read

Exercises 20.47-20.51 are based on the following problem

Page 750, Exercise 21.31: Change "5 years ago" to "last year"

Appendix C

Page C4, 12.54d: Change toThe interval narrows.

Page C5, 13.72a: Change to -.40 to-.04

Page C6, 19.22:Change to

b t = 3.11, p-value = .0025; yes

c t = -5.36, p-value = 0; yes

Page C7, 19.40:Change to The regression equation is the same as in Exercise 19.22.

Page C7, 19.48a: ChangeI[sub 4] to I[sub 1] and I[sub 5] to I [sub 2]