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April 24, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Fang Wang


email: Fang Wang
phone: 519.884.0710
ext: 3726



  • X.-P. Zhang, D. Kedmey and Fang Wang, "System and methods for content-based financial database indexing, searching, analysis, and processing," US patent NO. US8458065B1, June 2013.

Selected recent publications:
  • Fang Wang and L. Vaughan (2014), "Firm web visibility and its business value," Internet Research, 24(2), forthcoming.
  • Fang Wang, X.-P. Zhang and M. Ouyang (2009), "Does advertising contribute to firm value? The capitalization of brand intangible," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37(2), 130-143.

  • Fang Wang and X.-P. Zhang (2008), “Reasons for market evolution and budgeting implications,” Journal of Marketing, 72(5), 15-30.

  • Fang Wang, W. Kozlowski and M. Ouyang (2008), “Facing the challenges of expansion in the European Union: a review and evaluation of the Polish UHT milk market," The International Journal of Emerging Markets, 3(1), 71-86.

  • Fang Wang and M.M. Head (2007), “How can the Web help build customer relationships? An empirical study on e-tailing,” Information & Management, 44(2), 115-129.