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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
October 8, 2015

Canadian Excellence


Graeme Goodfellow

Campus Ambassador,

3rd Year Business Administration

Aurora, ON

Whatís up future Golden Hawks! My nameís Graeme and Iím in my 3rd year at Wilfrid Laurier University, studying Honors Business Administration with a minor in Economics. WLU has provided me with countless opportunities and experiences, and I canít wait to share the passion and excitement the university offers.

Iím from a small town called Aurora, ON and ultimately choose WLU because of the similarities between the two areas. What stands out to me about WLU is the atmosphere and environment on campus. You canít go more than 5 minutes without seeing a friend or classmate and the family vibe, spirit and down to earth attitude is extremely inviting.

On top of the amazing atmosphere, WLU has many extracurricular events to participate in. Iíve been fortunate enough to experience a handful such as Res House Council, Enactus Laurier, The Link, JDC Central, SBESS and tons of Intramural sports! Through these groups and clubs, Iíve met so many people and created memories that Iíll never forget, such as traveling to China in the summer of 1st year with The Link to host conferences for high school students across the country.

I remember my first day at WLU when I told myself to get as involved as possible, and experience all that the university has to offer. Iím now half way through my university education, and my only words of advice would be: Get involved, enjoy the time because it flies by and have fun.