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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
April 20, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Matthew Moffatt


Matthew Moffatt
Fourth Year English
Georgetown, ON


I am about to enter into my fourth year in the honors English program and my second on the Ambassador team. Other than the blue and white that runs through my veins for the Leafs, I also bleed the purple and gold. I have absolutely loved my time at Laurier so far and I really look forward to the next years ahead.

Through my first couple years at Laurier I have had many opportunities to help evolve myself into the person I am now. Living in C.H. Little house first year was one of the best residence experiences I could ask for. I feel that my involvement in extra-curricular activities such as intramurals and volunteering has totally enhanced my overall university experience. I have met so many new people and I can attribute this to my involvement in the Laurier community.

Outside of the classroom I volunteer at a local school helping tutor students of different ages who require extra help due to language barriers as many of them have moved here from other countries. I am heavily involved in intramurals, organizing and playing on both ice and ball hockey teams, as well as participating in a dodge ball league. All these experiences have allowed me to develop my organizational skills and the qualities necessary to work as a team member. Now with the new chapter in my Laurier involvement as a student ambassador I look forward to all the new opportunities that will follow.

The piece of advice that I would give to a potential Goldenhawk, is that a university experience is what you make it. Sitting back and not getting involved is no way to get the most out of life. Stay focused, work hard, and never give up because life is too short to not make the most of it. This place I call home in Waterloo is a great way to gain many life experiences and I hope that with this fabulous team of Laurier ambassadors we will be able to guide you to make the best decision you will ever make!