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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
April 17, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Ben Finn


Ben Finn
Fourth year Business
Sydenham, ON

Hey there prospective Golden Hawks! My name is Ben and Iím currently completing my fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program. I truly cannot express how excited I am that youíve come to see our great campus! If youíre like me, youíll see that Laurier is the spot for you.

It goes without saying that picking a University is a life changing decision and itís certainly not an easy one, or one that happens quickly. By coming to visit Laurier and seeing what it has to offer, youíve made a very smart step in the right direction. I come from a very small town outside of Kingston with a population of about one thousand people. With that, it was critical that where I went to school reflected my appreciation of a small, close student body, and Laurier has exceeded my expectations from the moment I arrived.

My biggest piece of advice to you as a prospective student is get involved where your passions lie. Laurier has so many phenomenal ways to get involved, be it through intramurals, campus clubs, teams, student council and so on. If you want to do something here, Laurier has it! I have been active in intramurals in my time at Laurier and itís further strengthened many wonderful friendships and created many new ones. The more you immerse yourself, the more purple and gold you really feel. As a final note from me, make sure you select a school that feels like home to you. Laurier has done this for me, and I really hope itís a school that does the same for you.