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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
April 17, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Amy Wrubel


Amy Wrubel
Ambassador Coordinator
4th Year Business
Whitby, ON

Hello, my name is Amy and I am in my 4th year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program with a minor in Psychology. I absolutely love how dynamic, hands on and challenging this program is as I have been able to learn so much from so many people. I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to live in Ontario, British Columbia and Maryland; however I am so glad to call Laurier my home now.

Laurier has become my home because of the strong sense of community, multiple leadership opportunities, and the amazing friends I have made. From the moment I stepped onto Golden Hawk grounds, I felt a sense of comfort and excitement. The small campus, friendly approachable people, strong academics and school spirit were the driving forces in my decision to attend Laurier. Looking back on my decision, Laurier has exceeded my expectations and has truly blessed me with an amazing education and a lifelong growing experience.

Laurier has provided me with so many opportunities to get involved and extend beyond my comfort zone. From the very beginning I made sure I got involved in different roles throughout campus. I have been a Co-Vice President of Conference for a business club called the LINK and I am actively involved in intramurals including ball hockey, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Laurier has helped me grow as an independent individual and has enabled me to concentrate on a well balanced lifestyle between working hard in school and also having fun.

I am so excited you have decided to consider Laurier and hopefully you will be able to see some of the reasons why Laurier students are proud to be Golden Hawks. Lastly, university is challenging, exciting and it can be the best time of your life. It will go by in a flash, so enjoy every moment. Good luck and see you soon.