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October 25, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Scholarships and Bursaries

Entrance Scholarships

As an applicant for full-time, first-year undergraduate studies at Laurier, you will be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship.

Entrance scholarships are available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents or bearers of a valid student visa who have completed their senior year at a Canadian high school.

These scholarships are based on your best six final 4U, 4M or equivalent grades as submitted by your secondary school in July, however you may receive a projected scholarship in your offer letter.  This amount would project the amount you may receive if you maintain that average based on your final grades. The better your grades are, the higher your scholarship will be. We notify recipients of their entrance scholarships in late July.

2013-2014 Entrance Scholarships

Arts – Waterloo 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000 85.0-89.9% - $750
BA/BEd Brantford 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000

85.0-89.9% - $1,000

All Other Brantford 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000

85.0-89.9% - $1,000
80.0-84.9% - $750 

Music 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000 85.0-89.9% - $1,000
Business 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000
Honours Economics 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000 85.0-89.9% - $750
Kinesiology & Health Sciences Program 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000 85.0-89.9% - $1,000 (BSc only)
Psychology BA & Biology BA 95.0-100% - $20,000*  90.0-94.9% - $2,000 85.0-89.9% - $750
All other Science programs 95.0-100% - $20,000* 90.0-94.9% - $2,000

85.0-89.9% - $1,250
80.0-84.9% - $750

* INCLUDES PRESIDENT'S GOLD SCHOLARSHIP - Awarded to applicants with mid-term or final average entering grades of 95% and over. $5,000 first year (including a $2,000 Entrance Scholarship). Potentially renewable at $5,000 in each senior year to a total value of $20,000 (or $25, 000 for students in a Double Degree or Concurrent Education). For more information on eligibility and renewal, click on the link above.

Other first-year awards and scholarships

We have many other scholarships and awards for first-year students, but you’ll have to apply for these. They range in value from $500 to $3,000 and do not have to be repaid. For a complete list, selection criteria and the universal application form, visit the Student Awards website.

Brantford scholarships

Laurier's Brantford campus students are eligible for the full range of Laurier scholarships and bursaries, as well as awards offered exclusively to Brantford students. A full list of Brantford Scholarships can be found on the Brantford campus website.


Bursaries are based exclusively on financial need. They range in value from $100 to $2,000 and do not have to be repaid. You must apply for bursary assistance. More information on Bursary programs can be found on the Student Awards website.

Financial aid – year two and beyond!

Financial aid doesn’t end with first year. Laurier also offers significant financial support to students who are in their upper years, beginning with the In-Course Scholarship Program. All full-time undergraduate students not in first year are automatically considered for these scholarships, which reward our outstanding students for their academic success during the previous academic year. The amount of the scholarship received is determined by the grade point average achieved.

We also offer numerous other competitive awards, bursaries and scholarships that require an application. All recognize academic excellence, although many consider other factors like extracurricular activities, volunteer activities, residency and financial need. They range in value from $120 to $8,100. Available awards can be searched here.

In-Course Scholarships

Grade Point Average Scholarship Amount
10.00 – 10.49 $500
10.50 – 10.99 $750
11.00 – 12.00 $1,500