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October 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Business & Mathematics (University of Waterloo)

Business at Laurier / Mathematics at University of Waterloo

Wilfrid Laurier University’s School of Business & Economics is one of the largest and most prestigious business schools in Canada, and the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Mathematics is the world’s largest centre for the study of mathematics and computer science.

This double degree program allows you to earn both a Bachelor of Business Administration from Laurier and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

Program highlights

  • Enrolment in this program is limited. Admission is normally limited to year 1 in the fall term (September–December), meaning you cannot transfer into the program from another program.

Courses offered

Popular courses

  • Introduction to Complex Analysis
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • Building and Managing Products, Services and Brands

Sample Schedule

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration and Honours Bachelor of Mathematics with co-op

 Year  September - December
 January - April
 May - August
 1 Introduction to Business Organization
Introduction to Microeconomics
Computer Science 1
Classical Algebra
Calculus 1 
Functional Areas of the Organization
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Computer Science 2
Calculus 2
Linear Algebra 1
Summer Vacation
Organizational Behavior I
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Linear Algebra 2 
Work Term 1
Business Law
Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Linear Optimization
Calculus 3
 3 Intro to Combinatorics
Mathematics of Finance
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Financial Management 1
Operations Management 1
 Work Term 2
Building and Managing Products, Services and Brands
Financial Management 2
Operations Management 2
Organizational Behaviour 2
Operations Research Models
Management Information Systems
 4 Work Term 3
Business Policy 1
Business Statistics 1
2 Business elective course
1 Math elective course  
Business Statistics 2
3 Business Electives
1 Math elective course
 5 Business Policy 2
5 Math elective courses

Admission requirements

Honours Business (WLU) and Honours Math (UW) (Joint program)

** Must meet admission criteria for both Laurier Business and University of Waterloo Mathematics

4U Requirements IB Requirements       Admission Range
English at 75%; Advanced Functions and Calculus & Vectors each at 85%
Note: Prerequisite courses will be included in admission average
Note: Students must meet admission requirements for both WLU and UW
HL or SL English at 4;
HL Mathematics at 5
Low 90s
IB Minimum score: 35


Students have opportunities to pursue careers in commercial and investment banking, brokerage firms, insurance companies, aerospace industries, research institutions, research analysis, marketing, software development, and many more. 

Student experience

000_Zuo_headshot.jpgMingquan Zuo’s decision to come to Laurier was a fairly easy one. “I chose Laurier because of the university’s reputation as one of the best business schools in Canada,” says Zuo. “I also saw the co-op option as an excellent opportunity to get a head start on my career.”

Being a double major in the Business and Mathematics program at Laurier and the University of Waterloo has made Zuo’s university experience unique. “Usually in university, we are steered toward one field of interest,” he says. “I viewed the Math and Business program as a great opportunity to diversify my skills and study multiple areas of interest.”

Aside from spending time between two universities, Zuo participates in the Wilfrid Laurier Student Investment Club, the University of Waterloo Toastmasters and is an avid tennis player. After graduation, he plans to either pursue a career in business consulting or work toward his MBA.

Faculty experience

000-Morouney-headshot_1.jpgFor Dr. Kim Morouney, keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in business is one of the things she most enjoys about her role as an Associate Dean in Laurier’s School of Business & Economics (SBE). “Lately, more attention is being paid to integrity, creativity and social and environmental responsibility – keeping a balance between what’s easy to measure (dollars) and what’s harder to measure (value),” says Morouney.

This translates into how she approaches her students and course material. “In everything I do, I want to encourage students to take responsibility, to engage themselves, to think creatively,” she says. This is also why Morouney is proud of the way SBE incorporates real life scenarios into business programs and courses.

Recently, Morouney took on the role of Project Lead for the Laurier MBA Blackberry Pilot. “It’s an exciting partnership between SBE, Research In Motion, Rogers and our students,” she says. The project explores how mobile learning brings the world to the classroom, and brings the classroom out into the world.
In addition to projects, program updates and her own courses, Morouney is also working with people across the university to create more international learning opportunities for Laurier students. “We know our students will make a difference in the world,” she says. “We’re doing everything we can to get them ready!”