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October 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

When Will I Know?

So you’ve got your application into Laurier Waterloo, but now comes the hard part… waiting

to find out if you’re going to be accepted. So how exactly do offers of admission work, and
when do they get sent out? Good questions… allow us to explain.

Offers of admission have actually already begun to go out to students. We start sending
them mid-January, and it is an ongoing process until mid-May. There are actually three
rounds of admissions that take place:

Round 1: “Really Early Offers” – These are the offers that are going out now, based on
completed grade 11 high school courses. If you have an offer, or get one in the next few
weeks, you were probably an academic superstar in grade 11 (usually over 90%), and you
achieved the required minimum grades in prerequisite courses, depending on the program
you applied to.

Round 2: “Early Offers” – This round starts in mid-March, and is based on a combination of
your final grades from 1st term grade 12, and your grade 11 grades. If the program you
applied to has specific 4U pre-requisites, you’ll need to have completed them, or at least be
registered in those courses to get an offer. More offers will go out in this round then they
did in January.

Round 3: “Right on Time Offers” – This round which runs right up until May 30 for high
school students and blends into round 2 a bit. At this point, we are basing offers of
admission completely on grade 12 marks; your final grades from 1st term, and mid-terms
from 2nd term. This is also the time that most of our alternate offers go out. If you don’t
meet the requirements of the program you applied for, you’ll automatically be considered
for another Laurier program you. If your alternate offer is not for the program that would
have been your second choice, you can contact the admissions office at
and request to be considered for that program. By May 30, all high school students who
applied to Laurier will receive a decision on their application, and those who’ve received
offers have until June 1 to accept your offer of admission.
So now that you know how it works, there are 2 other really important things to remember:

1) Higher grades usually mean that you’ll get an offer sooner, but if you don’t get an
offer at the same time as your friends, who might have similar grades, there is no
need to panic. There are a number of reasons that offers go out at different times. It
is possible your grades weren’t submitted at the same time, or you might not have
started a prerequisite course that you need and your friends have. As long as you
meet the requirements for the program you applied for, it really doesn’t matter if you
get an offer now, or in a few months.

2) All offers of admission are conditional, so it is super important to read your offer
letter carefully and understand where your final grades from grade 12 need to be to
keep your offer of admission.

Got additional questions? Check out the Admissions Office website
Or contact the Recruitment Office: