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October 21, 2014
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Legal Studies Option

The Legal Studies Option is designed to give students an opportunity to study legal topics, theories, and methods that are at the intersection of law, politics, business, history, philosophy, gender, justice, human rights, and ethics.

Students will take courses from a wide variety of academic disciplines. The Legal Studies Option is ideal for undergraduate students interested in pursuing law school and other legal related careers.  

The Legal Studies Option is 4.0 credits, 2.0 required credits and 2.0 elective credits. Students enrolled in an honours program with a minimum GPA of 7.0 after year one may apply. Students may apply at the end of year two or three. A cumulative GPA of 7.0 in courses specific to the option is required to graduate.

Required courses

  • PO210 - Introduction to Law 
  • PO333- International Law
  • PO350- Theories of Justice
  • PO371- The Constitution and Judicial Policies in Canada

Elective courses

A variety of elective courses are available. Students must choose a total of 2.0 credits of elective courses. Some example courses include:

  • Human Rights
  • Business Law
  • Seeking Justice: The Family and Law in Canada: 1867-1969
  • Corruption, Scandal and Political Ethics
  • Medical Ethics
  • Women and Social Justice
More information on the Legal Studies Option at Laurier.