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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
April 18, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Pareesa Bina


Pareesa Bina
Second Year Business
Waterloo, ON

HELLO and welcome to Wilfrid Laurier University! My nameís Pareesa and Iím a second year Honours Bachelor of Business Administration student. I canít wait for you to learn more about Laurier and fall in love with this school just like I did!

Getting involved in the many opportunities Laurier offers has been one the best decisions Iíve made. It was a great way to meet people I had a lot in common with while learning so much from fellow students and faculty members. With about 150 school clubs, Laurierís got something for everyone! I also discovered the amazing resources Laurier offers, like the career centre, which helped me get prepared for an interview that landed me my dream summer job!

Living off campus I found LOCUS offered an experience as great as residence! I had a supportive and helpful Off-Campus Advisor and an amazing LOCUS community. Being part of House Council was also a lot of fun since we got to plan huge events that not only LOCUS, but many other residences participated in!

I have loved being a student under the School of Business and Economics. We get to apply what we learn in class, in labs, competitions and presentations, which has been an amazing learning experience. This year my new venture group made it all the way to the semi-finals where we pitched our idea to people working for major corporations. It was so great getting their feedback which we can use in our future endeavours!

The environment at Laurier is unlike any other. I love that I run into my friends around campus and that I can guarantee that at every school event Iíll see at least one person I know. Thereís so much to love about Laurier; our amazing sense of community, school spirit and passion for school involvement are some of my favourites! Iím so happy to call Laurier home, and I hope you will too!