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October 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence

The Centre for Academic Success

The Centre for Academic Success is designed to support and enhance a studentís academic experience at Laurier. The services range from course and department integrated academic mentoring, mathematic assistance for all quantitative courses, assistance with academic writing, time management and exam studying strategies, and accommodations for students with physical and learning disabilities. Most of these services are delivered through workshops, homework/study sessions, and individual appointments and are designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and peer collaborative learning.

The Centre for Academic Success offers the following services:

The Writing Centre

The goal of the writing centre program is to offer individual and in-class writing support for all students and faculty at Laurier. We work with all students, undergraduate and graduate, to help them enhance their academic writing. The key principle of the program is to support the writing that goes on in the classroom in a way that helps students and faculty achieve their academic goals.

For more information, visit the Writing Centre Website

Math Assistance Centre

 Aids in the transition from secondary to university level mathematics.The services the Centre provides can be grouped into two categories:  Diagnostic & Review and Course Support.  The first allows for the design of an individual program to refresh a student's knowledge in fundamental math skills, prerequisite to a university course.  The second includes, for example, homework sessions, mock tests and exam reviews, as forms of supplemental instruction to particular courses. 

For more information, visit the Math Assistance Centre Website

Accessible Learning Centre

Is committed to assisting students with disabilities in reaching their full potential. By offering a variety of services and resources, delivered in a respectful. confidential and professional manner, we support and encourage students' independence and self-determination.

For more information, visit the Accessible Learning Centre Website.

Study Skills and Supplemental Instruction

Enhances student academic life through the promotion of proper learning strategies and study skills that are required by all undergraduate and graduate students to succeed academically.

For more information, visit the Study Skills website

Academic Advising

Can assist students in identifying resources and services to enhance their academic performance, understanding academic rules and regulations and choosing an undergraduate program in preparation for graduate school and/or a specific career.

For more information, visit the Academic Advising Website