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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
March 27, 2015
Canadian Excellence


Why Choose Laurier?

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Academic Reputation

Founded in 1911, Laurier is a premier university renowned for attracting students who desire success.  Laurier offers an unparalleled academic experience and an overarching sense of community. Our unique, interdisciplinary approach to learning allows students to combine majors in completely different fields.

Laurier offers a broad range of full and part-time graduate and undergraduate degree programs to over 19,000 students through 9 faculties.

  • Faculty of Arts is our largest faculty and provides students with the opportunity to learn in the classroom, the community and around the world. Our exploratory first year allows students to take classes in a variety of subjects, and have the flexibility to combine multiple programs.
  • Faculty of Education provides Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate streams, with specializations in English, French as a second language, Geography, History, Instrumental Music, Mathematics or General Science. Through practicums students have the opportunity to build and maintain strong ties to the local schools.
  • Faculty of Human and Social Sciences is one of two new faculties established at the Brantford campus, and houses Criminology, Health Studies, and Psychology programs.
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts is the second new faculty at the Brantford campus and is comprised of Contemporary Studies, Journalism, History, English, Youth and Children’s Studies, Human Rights and Human Diversity, Languages, and Law and Society programs.
  • Faculty of Music has the only Masters of Music Therapy program in Canada. Individual instruction, master classes and exposure to a high caliber of musicianship ensure that our students excel both as musicians and students.  
  • The School of Business & Economics is one of Canada’s most respected and largest Business schools, with students enrolled in PhD, MBA, MABE, undergraduate and diploma programs. Laurier's Business Co-op program provides additional opportunities for real-world professional experience.   
  • Faculty of Science, our fastest growing faculty, is one of Canada’s leading teaching and research institutions. The Faculty provides an opportunity to work with world class research-active faculty who bring excitement for their discipline to the classroom. We are dedicated to producing graduates of the highest calibre, equipped to make substantial contributions to Canadian society.
  • Faculty of Social Work offers professional programs at the Masters and Doctoral Levels. This faculty boasts a strong commitment to community development, advanced scholarship, and practice competance, as well as national and international reputation for teaching excellence.
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies allows students the opportunity to pursue research and academic interests in a personalized environment. Close proximity to other universities allows for collaborations, joint programs and combined resources. 

Sense of Community

We are a smaller institution, with small class sizes and a sense of community second to none. Laurier's faculty, among the finest anywhere, expand the horizons of our students, and are easily accessible for students to seek additional assitance. Through extracurricular opportunities, academic pursuits, athletics, or personal relationships, students at Laurier find a common bond, and find their fit in a welcoming community that celebrates diversity, and encourages individual development.

Student Experience

Laurier boasts a contagious spirit of volunteerism, leadership and extracurricular involvement. With our unmatched school spirit and thousands of volunteer and extra-curricular opportunities, Laurier students learn to excel as leaders both in and out of the classroom. Laurier is a place where the curious thrive, and where innovative programs and state of the art facilities provide students an avenue to achieve success and results.