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October 22, 2014
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Management Option

What is the Management Option?

Honours Arts, Music, Science and Economics students are eligible for the Management Option, consisting of ten half-credit courses, six required and four electives. This option will give you fundamental training in key areas of business such as

  • business organization
  • accounting
  • marketing
  • management skills
  • operations and the fundamentals of finance
  • macroeconomics and microeconomics
  • interpersonal communications
  • business law
  • personal finance 
  • business management

Students normally apply for the Management Option during second year, having already completed both BU111 and BU121 with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 6.00 (C+) as well as a statistics course. Entry into this option is competitive and students must maintain a GPA of 7.00 (B-) in all Management Option courses to graduate.

What can the Management Option do for me?

Having a background in business can help everyone.

No matter what degree you earn, a basic understanding of business can help you in any career field. In many ways, business is very much a part of every aspect of our lives. The Management Option prepares students for real world experiences in a number of different industries such as marketing, research and development, entertainment and news, telecommunications and international relations.

What kind of courses are we talking about?

The Management Option consists of the following 5.0 credits (10 courses: six required and four electives).

Required courses

  • BU111 - Introduction to Business Organization
  • BU121 - Functional Areas of the Organization
  • BU223 - Fundamentals of Finance OR BU383 - Financial Management I
  • BU227 - Introduction to Financial Accounting 
  • BU288 - Organizational Behaviour I 
  • BU352 - Introduction to Marketing Management

Any three of the following

  • BU231 - Business Law
  • BU247 - Managerial Accounting 
  • BU354 - Human Resources Management 
  • BU362 - Building and Managing Products, Services and Brands 
  • BU383 - Financial Management I
  • BU385 - Operations Management I 
  • BU395 - Operations Management II 
  • BU398 - Organizational Behaviour II

Any one of the following

  • EC120 - Introduction to Microeconomics
  • EC140 - Introduction to Macroeconomics

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