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An option is an enhanced minor that you can incorporate into your degree program. Options range from 6 to 10 courses and can be added to many of our programs.

Note: Some options are only available at our Brantford campus and some are only available at our Waterloo campus. Not all options can be added to every program.

Waterloo Campus Options

Our Applied Mathematics option is available to honours students at the Waterloo campus in any discipline other than mathematics. The primary focus is on methods commonly used in modern mathematical models in science, especially in relation to kinesiology, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology and psychology. This option can also be tailored to meet the needs of other areas of study, such as business and economics, where quantitative methodology is an important part of the program.

Brantford Campus Options

Children?s Education and Development Option

This option provides a selection of courses at the Brantford campus that focus on children?s issues, with particular emphasis on development and education. You?ll participate in a service-learning course, where you?ll be placed in a school classroom and have the opportunity to work with the teacher and interact with the children. Graduates of this option who meet the admissions requirements, including a 75% overall average, will be considered for 1 of 15 reserved spaces in the Nipissing University (North Bay campus) consecutive Bachelor of Education program.

French Teaching Option

Designed to fit the needs of Concurrent Education students looking to complete French as a teachable subject, our French teaching option is also available to students in most Bachelor of Arts programs at the Brantford campus who are interested in continuing their studies in both of Canada?s official languages. In addition to taking courses that focus on the knowledge and skills required to teach French, you?ll complete at least 1 course on an exchange, or Explore Program in Quebec or French-speaking country. To enroll in this option, you?ll need an average of at least 70% in 4U French (FSF), or equivalent.

Indigenous Studies Option

Our Indigenous Studies option seeks to develop your awareness of the scope, richness and variety of Indigenous cultural heritages that exist in our local and global communities. The program takes a holistic approach and explores various issues and topics from a variety of perspectives to foster a greater understanding of Indigenous peoples, their history and their place in the contemporary world.

International Development Option

Our International Development option provides you with a firm understanding of development, global governance, and the institutions of the global economy. This program will prepare you to compete in our increasingly globalized world by enhancing your capacity to implement programs and policies in non-governmental organizations, public organizations, educational institutions and international organizations.

Issue Advocacy Option

Our Issue Advocacy option is a unique opportunity to take courses in journalism, leadership and business to increase your understanding of organizational life and improve your critical written and oral communication skills. You?ll develop strong and persuasive writing techniques, and learn to critically analyze how public relations impacts our understanding of events and news stories.

Leadership Option

Leadership skills are valued in all organizations to inspire, motivate and bring about change. In this option you?ll learn analytical and communication skills, and acquire the historical and philosophical breadth of knowledge to participate effectively in the leadership of organizations. You?ll develop skills in project planning, team building, communications, organizational analysis and strategic planning, as well as research skills linked to survey design, focus groups and statistical analysis.

Media Studies Option

Technology has quickly become a large part of our everyday lives. Our conversations, our friends, and even our careers have become increasingly mediated. Our Media Studies option will help you develop increased media literacy, including critical thinking about the validity of information. This option provides a framework to access, analyze, evaluate and create messages in a variety of forms in a world where ?wikis? and user-generated content allow for a collaborative approach to information creation and distribution.

globe and mail university report

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In the 2013 Globe & Mail University Report,our students gave Laurier:

?A-? Class Size
?A-? Campus Atmosphere
?A-? Quality of Teaching
and Learning


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