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October 22, 2014
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Languages and Literatures at Laurier 

Laurier's Department of Languages and Literatures offers courses in:

The Honours BA in Languages gives you the opportunity to become fluent in two languages (French and Spanish) and to have knowledge of a third language (Arabic, German or Italian).

Program highlights 

  • Practical language courses, which foster students’ abilities to read, converse and write in the target language, are complemented by innovative course offerings in linguistics and the literatures, cinema and cultures of the areas studied. 
  • Many of our classes are taught in multimedia classrooms using the latest methodological and pedagogical approaches creating a very interactive classroom setting where learning is both enjoyable and challenging
  • Students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or a full year at universities in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Latin America, Québec and numerous other places.  

Courses offered 

First year courses

  • Cultural Perspectives I & II

Popular courses

  • Themes in European Cinema
  • Linguistics

Admission requirements 

4U Requirements IB Requirements  Admission Range 
English at 60%  HL or SL English at 4 

Mid 70s

IB Minimum score: 28  


Languages students gain a highly marketable skill: multilingualism. Knowing several languages opens the door to innumerable career paths. 

We also offer a business language stream at the minor level for Spanish majors.  The Spanish program at Laurier is the sole Canadian representative of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid (OCCIM). 

    Student experience 

    0000Karina.jpgContrary to popular belief, English is not the most common language in the world. There are nearly as many people in the world who speak Spanish as there are people who speak English. This is one of the reasons why Karina Bree decided to major in Language and Literatures.  

    “I want to travel the world but I think that you should be able to communicate in the language of the place you are going,” she says. “Languages and Literatures gives me the chance to become fluent in two languages and have a base in a third language.”

    Between the small class sizes and the friendly professors, it’s a toss up as to what Bree likes best about her program. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in their class or not, if you have a question, the Languages and Literatures professors will try and answer it.” Apart from her studies, Bree is a member of the French club, Chez Nous, as well as the founder of the Spanish Club. 

    Whatever Bree decides to do after graduation, one this is for certain – she will be travelling. 

    Faculty experience 

    0000Freidel.jpgAs a seventeenth-century French literature specialist, Dr. Nathalie Freidel appreciates how an understanding of other languages and cultures can provide a more complete awareness of the world and how we communicate with the people around us. Freidel is particularly interested in the letters of Mme de Sévigné, a seventeenth-century writer whose vast correspondence draws attention to the complex question of public and private in Early Modern literature. 

    It comes as no surprise then that what she likes best about teaching at Laurier is her interaction with students and their openness to communication across lines of language and culture. “I find Laurier students amazing,” she says. “They are open to other cultures, new experiences and very conscious that Languages are the way to broaden your perspective.”